Water Creation Classic P-Trap Water Supply Kit in Polished Nickel (PVD) Finish PS-0001-05

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Water Creation Classic P-Trap Water Supply Kit in Polished Nickel (PVD) Finish PS-0001-05

You save: $-186.00 USD (100%)
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  • Water Creation's bathroom supply kit PS-0001 adds a lovely touch to a vessel, glass, or pedestal lavatory sinks. With natural stone countertops and elegantly bold visible plumbing, it elevates the aesthetic of the bathroom. The P-Trap kit includes cross handle angle stops, wall flanges, supply tubes, and 1-1/4" diameter P-Trap. Classic bathroom supply kit PS-0001, the most stylish lavatory supply kit with decorative trap, is available in chrome, polished nickel, and Satin Gold finish.


    Solid brass construction

    Angle stops value, escutcheons, wall flange, supply tubes and 1-1/4" diameter P-trap is included with "H" and "C" labeled cross handles

    Exclusive for deck mount applications

    2-3/8" Diameter stop value escutcheon

    1/2" IPS angle stops for threaded pipe

    9-1/4" Drain pipe with wall flange and 3" diameter P-trap wall flange

    20" Long 1/2" diameter tubing supply line

    Available Finish: Hand Polished Richly Triple Plated Chrome Finish, Polished Nickel PVD Finish, and Satin Gold Finish


    Overall Dimension: 9.25"L x 3"W x 4.25"H

    Shipping Info:

    Small Parcel

    Weight: 4 lbs

    Length: 11"

    Width: 23"

    Height: 5"

    Additional Information:

    UPC Code: 732030763432

  • P-Trap Spec Sheet

    P-Trap Installation Instruction

Brand: Water Creation
SKU: PS-0001-05
Weight: 2 lbs
Length: 9.25"
Width: 3"
Height: 4.25"
Finish: Polished Nickel (PVD)
Material: Solid Brass
Install Type: Wall Mount


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Does this unit have built-in temperature controls or are additional water handles required?

Hello Kate, This shower panel does allow you to control the water temperature directly from the shower panel itself. We hope this information helps! Kind Regards, Interior Intellects Support

Is this easy to install or is it recommended to have this professionally installed?

Hello Jessica, Thank you for your inquiry. The shower tower is designed for easy wall mount installation without difficult plumbing or drilling. Simply connect the correct H/C valves and mount to your preference. Kind regards, Interior Intellects Support.

Can you use the showerhead and jets at the same time?

Hello Robert, Thank you for your inquiry. All the functions of the shower panel can be used simultaneously. Kind regards, Support

Does it require electricity for the temperature gauge?

Hello Ed, Thank you for your inquiry. The shower panel is hydropower meaning it is powered by the running water. 

Where do you put the batteries for the lights?

Hello Ben, Thank you for your inquiry. The shower panel is hydro-powered meaning it is powered by running water. Kind regards, Interior Intellects Support.

How difficult is installation?

Hello Grace, This unit was designed to easily connect to your direct water lines in your home and simple mounting instructions. If you are not comfortable connecting the water lines yourself we would suggest speaking to an installation professional. Kindest Regards, Interior Intellects Support

Does this have a thermostatic valve control?

Thank you for your inquiry. The shower panel features a temperature control valve and a built-in pressure-balancing valve to maintain constant water pressure. Kind regards, Interior Intellects Support

How can I get more water pressure from the shower?

Hello Paul, Per the state of California law, all shower panels come with flow restrictors. If the regulations in your area do not require flow restrictors, they can be removed. Here is a link to the video on how to remove the flow restrictor to allow more water to flow: https://youtu.be/DLfzYHgVqY8 Kind regards, Interior Intellects Support.

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